Mindfully You

Megan Gaetz

Energetic Alignment Coach for Mothers

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Mindfully You educates, empowers, and supports you through your transformation to your best self!✨


… self guided healing techniques to overcome whatever is holding you back

…toolbox equipped with strategies to create a beautiful and blissful life

…support as you navigate through your journey

Mindfully You is here to support you to become your best self and choose whichever path feels right for you!

Hello, I'm Megan!

I’m am the founder of Mindfully You, LLC. I empower like minded moms to claim their authenticity, honor their bodies, and live a fulfilled life!

I am a mom, wife, RN, reiki practitioner, certified self-love coach, human design reader, essential oil specialist- but most importantly your cheerleader next door who holds a deep mission to see positive change in the world.

Let’s do the deal and be the best mothers for our future generation✨

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1:1 offerings

Feeling energized
Personal Development Life Coaching Session at Home
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human design

.energetic alignment session.

-explore your unique energy type

-how to best utilize your energy

-how to make aligned decisions

-unblock beliefs that are holding you back from living in alignment with your authentic self

$100 per session



.self guided healing session.

reiki healing

.energy healing session.

-uncover your "pains" (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional)

-receive holy fire channeled energy

-space to move through what came up

-explanation of unblocked energies and how to take care of yourself

$80 per session

-learn the 5 self-love footprints

-dive deep into healing for each footprint

-surround yourself with forgiveness, acceptance,

gratitude, care, and trust

-access to audios, workbooks, and more!

$100 per session




Mom and Son Playing

soul investment


stressed to blessed mama's

nurturing and soul nourishing community

8 week program focusing on

-self love


-energetic alignment (HD and chakras)

-self healing

-hormone health/cycle syncing

-healthy environment

”My coaching call with Megan was so wonderful. Her energy was so inviting and gentle and I truly felt comfortable and safe talking to her. She was super relatable, she was interested in how I was feeling. She gave me sound advice and I would 100% look to her for guidance again. She’s going to help A LOT of people. Very grateful!”